Dealing With MonoDevelop

If you're using MonoDevelop to compile your project, you might be interrested in how to make Dungbeetle compile properly with it.

The following might be the first thing you see when you first open a MonoDevelop project that contains the Dungbeetle source code.

The first issue we need to handle is a common one. MonoDevelop doesn't handle default parameters. To fix this, just change the target framework for Assembly-CSharp.

Then we need to fix that MonoDevelop doesn't find the correct references.

The assembly UnityScript.dll is even included in Dungbeetle just for this purpose. It's a DLL that you can otherwise find inside your Unity installation files. I you don't use MonoDevelop, you can delete it from your project.

The following images shows how to set up the correct references.

And as always... if you run into problems, you can always ask for my help at I'll do my best to help you out.