Setting up a Dungbeetle host

Navigating to 'WindowDungbeetleEditorCompile Separate Server Executable' opens the server compilation window

By default, Dungbeetle is configured to run a server as an editor script in Unity. It is a demonstration server, not suitable for long-term projects, since it shuts down when you close Unity.

To set up a permanent server, you can create a Dungbeetle server executable in the server compilation window. This server only requires Mono, and runs separately from Unity.

The standalone server stores its configuration next to the executable in ServerPreferences.yaml. The defaults are generated from your current config.asset at the time of compilation.

ServerPreferences.yaml details

Also see config.asset.

Network port for Dungbeetle hosting.
Password required to grant clients the reporter privilege.
Password required to grant clients the developer privilege.
Key used to decrypt Dungbeetle network traffic.
SQLite (default) or MySQL
MySQL username
MySQL password
MySQL host url
MySQL database name

Sample initscript for Ubuntu

Download it here.
I recommend that you compare it to your own /etc/inid.d/skeleton, since it's based on that.

Assumptions about your installation:

Notable quirks abouth DungbeetleServer.exe (all handled by the script):